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    App For Moderator.



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    App For Moderator.

    Post  Dylan on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:13 pm

    Hello, this is my app for moderator:

    Name : Dylan (but u can call me D if you would like)

    Age : 14

    Experience?: Why yes, i have tons of that stuff Smile , i have been the co owner and admin and mod for 100 different servers, in fact i did own my own server you may know it as stoned-scape. i owned if for about 3 month's and shut it do to a crasher, any who i have tons of experience OH, i almost forgot, i have been mod on zettascape (perilscape) before name was Adam (fake name)

    Reasons you would love to be mod:

    - well frist off i could be a funny person and i can be mean also , but im only mean when i have to be

    -sencond, i am pretty seriouse about being mod on a big time server like this.

    -i think you would like me as you moderator.

    Thats the end Smile well i hope i wake up one morning and i log on and i have the white crown by my name Wink Peace.

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